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Space Now! Corp.
High Density Mobile Storage System
Why invest in a Space Now!
Movable Shelving System?

Doubles your filing and
storage capacity or..

Saves half the space
Saves filing time.
Reduces misfiles.
Increases productivity.
Provides security.
What special features and
benifits does the Space
Now! System Offer?

A Space Now! system is not
anchored to the floor.
A Space Now! System is totally
A Space Now! System grows
as your needs grow.
A fully loaded system moves
with finger-tip ease.
Maintenance free
10 Year Warranty on parts.
Completely safe.
Quick Delivery.
What other options and
choices are available?

Laminated end panels in any
patern and color.
Key Lock to close and secure
the entire system.
"Aisle-Keepers" to lock open
an aisle when in use.
Check out the entire line of SpaceNow! systems available at Gorwood.