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Bridging the gap between microfilm and the electronic patient record.
The Digitized Microfilm Retrieval Service (DMRS) is another first for the company that has pioneered medical records handling for the past 40 years. With our DMRS system, your medical center records department releases all responsibility for microfilm, including the film handling, storage and copying of retrieved information. The only records or charts handled by your medical records department are those created daily and retained under your current policy. The remaining records and microfilm are relocated to our facility for microfilming and storage, eliminating your on-site storage and management of both paper and microfilm.

Your database is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with rapid retrieval and enhanced print quality as good or better than the origional print quality. Except for a small storage fee, you only
pay for what you use. Personell costs are reduced, and filing cabinets and reader printers
eliminated. There is absolutely no capital outlay. Your only cost is that for microfilm and retrieval, and minimal storage charges. New microfilmed records are interfiled with the existing microfilm file, creating one master file from which records are retrieved and transmitted via fax or modem
to your medical center. The record is then viewed or copied and can be stored on a floppy disk,
CD-ROM or intergrated into an electronic record. The records remain the property of the medical
center; we serve as archivists and providers of on-demand record information.

DMRS works equally well with roll film or microfiche jackets; we can also store your paper records
and provide you with high quality fax copies as you need them. DMRS enables you to store
approximately 7,500 charts in one (1) cubic foot of storage space at an annual cost of only $15.
Computer compatability is not an issue as any fax machine or PC with a fax board can recieve
digitized documents. Microfilm is still the most economical and legal archival storage medium.
This system provides both storage and the capability for electronic networking of patient records
at a reasonable cost. DMRS solves a major problem.
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