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Gorwood has been a leader in document conversion for the past 40 years. We are proud to offer a HIPPA complient version of Paper Vision Enterprise, a product of Digitech software. This solution is reliable, inexpensive and brings instant access and control to the endless volumes of paper created on a daily basis. "We don't replace paper, we make the data once printed on paper spring to life! We make it friendley. We make it work for you." An analysis of your facilities requirements will determine the best solutionfor your department needs. Call today to arrainge a free consultation.
Why have paper, microfilm and digital storage redundancy?

With the events of the past few years it has become evident that vital information can be destroyed in a split second. It has become obvious that all orginizations, especially hospitals must keep a backup of their vital databases at a secure off-site location. Gorwood Systems, Inc. provides a secure off-site location equiped to maintain your vital documents in any format- paper, microfilm or digital.

Consider any of these inevitable scenarios...

Your facility has a power failure-all computer systems are down. How do you find a medical record number in an emergency? New software or updates to your exhisting database require that the whole system be off line for a period of time. Murphy's law steps in-you need medical information in a hurry. How long will it take to search out the medical record number?
Water or fire damage to your computer systems. Without the proper identification, a patient's
vital medical information may not be available in an emergency situation. And we all know
what a problem double numbers can be to eliminate.

Gorwood will maintain the origional and return a copy to your facility. Inservice to your staff and associated departments can be arrainged so that in an emergency, patient care is not intrrrupted.